Business Activities

Project Funding

To part finance the project implementation cost, we offer short to medium term loans at different stages of project implementation including the seed stage funding or as a last mile funding to facilitate completion of the project.

Corporate Loan

Based on sound fundamentals and positive outlook for your business, you can leverage your Balance Sheet to meet your short term fund requirements and attain business stability and scalability.
We also provide:

  1. Terms Loans against Property (Residential, Commercial and Industrial)
  2. Term Loans for Purchase of Property (Residential, Commercial, Rental property)
  3. Terms Loans for hire – purchase or leasing Plant, Equipment and Machinery
  4. Loan for real estate development and marketing  of property
  5. Secured Short Term Working Capital Loan
  6. Advances to estate developer or acts as advisory, organizer, or marketing

Entertainment Business:

Company has its own entertainment division. SUNGOLD ENTERTAINMENT, where we offer fund for film production, distribution & exhibition, for purchasing of satellite right of movies and daily shows. Company provides finance for musical event, album, rock band, short films, daily soaps, etc.

Innovative structuring

Company intends to take up multiple activities, mainly of Estate development, Supermarket operation, Business Service centre, lease and hire purchase, Investment and Bill Discounting, security related asset.