Notice & Results

 Notice of 26th AGM for FY 2017-18

 Outcome of Board Meeting 11.06.2018

 Outcome and financial Result 2018

 Intimation of Board Meeting_ 13.02.2018

 Outcome of Board Meeting_13.02.2018

 Intimation of Board Meeting_ 15.05.2018

 Notice of Board Meeting_04.08.2017

 Outcome of Board Meeting_ July 9, 2017

 Notice of 25th AGM for FY 2016-17

 Notice of AGM _ FY 2014-2015

 Report of 23rd AGM 29.09.2015

 Notice for Board meeting scheduled on May 29, 2016

 Outcome May 29, 2016

 Postal Ballot Notice & Form, July 27, 2016

 Notice of Board meeting schedule on August 11, 2016.pdf

 Result of Postal Ballot_03.09.2016

 Report Postal Ballot_03.09.2016

 Outcome September 4, 2016

 Outcome July, 27, 2016

 Outcome of BM and Financial Result May 28 2017

 Notice of Bard Meting May 19 2017

 Outcome of Board Meeting_14.08.2017

 Voting Result

 Scrutinizers Report7

 Outcome of Board Meeting Nov 13, 2017

 Intimation of Board Meeting Nov 13, 2017

 Outcome of Board Meeting_ 11.05.2018

 Combined Scrutinizer Report_AGM_2017-18

 Outcome of 26th AGM_2017-18

 Voting Result_AGM_2017-18

 Intimation of Board Meeting_11.08.2018

 Outcome of Board Meeting_11.08.2018

 Outcome of Board Meeting_22.10.2018

 Intimation of Board Meeting_13.11.2018

 Outcome of Board Meeting_13.11.2018

 Financial Result for the Quarter and Half Year Year ended September 30, 2018

 Outcome of Board meeting held on 14.12.2018

 Outcome and Financial Result (Revised)_13.11.2018

 Intimation of Board Meeting_12.02.2019

 Outcome and Financial Result_12.02.2019